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The app for you and your young student. Made by New Zealanders for New Zealanders.

Celadon is the app that makes maths fun and engaging for your kids. You can trust us because we give you all the controls and actionable insights in your very own parent studio.

Fun for students

You mean, it's fun and it works?

We know that learning is so much more powerful (and way less painful) if kids are having fun and are motivated.

We also know there are a bunch of ways to make learning way more effective (thanks, psychology).

Celadon allows kids to look after their own wildlife nature reserve while practising maths.

Extensive and aligned NZ primary maths curriculum
A unique, personalised learning experience for every student
Students enjoy learning while playing games and are motivated to keep coming back

Peace of mind for parents

Finally, you can take a breather.

You know your kids best and that’s why we give you all the insights into how they're doing. We provide live reports on their progress and if they’re struggling, all in your own studio.

The parent studio was designed because parents were telling us that they felt disconnected from their kid’s education. They just didn’t know how they were doing.

We’re giving you all the information you need.

Every household is different when it comes to screentime, and we respect that.

We love what you’re doing and we’ve made sure our AI will work perfectly for you!

Play Celadon on your laptop, tablet or phone.

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